Citizen-Powered Democracy

The Current Reality

Our government is in crisis. We know all too well that the voices of the people are drowned out by big money — corporate PACs, super PACs, dark money, lobbyists, and politicians lining their own pockets at our expense. Currently, big donors (those who donate more than $200) account for 71% of campaign contributions, despite being only 1% of the population. Studies have shown that political donations actively affect senators’ voting records. Weapons makers, fossil fuel, and healthcare companies are buying lawmakers’ votes against essential bills like Medicare For All, Build Back Better, and decreasing military spending. 

Our government needs to reflect the will of the people. Our elections must abide by the principle of “one person, one vote.” A voter in Wyoming should not have three times more impact than a voter in California. We need a true democracy in which every citizen, not corporations or billionaires, has equal say in government. 

I’m running for Congress because too many of our leaders have been corrupted by big money and special interests for too long. My campaign is a 100% people-powered, corporate-free, grassroots campaign so that I can remain accountable to the people of 34th Congressional District. It’s high time for a democracy that’s truly for the people and powered by the people.

What Needs To Be Done

Clean Campaign Finance

  • Restrict corporate PAC, super PAC, and dark money contributions to federal candidates.
  • Increase transparency in the political fundraising process by supporting bills like the DISCLOSE Act
  • Ensure that people’s voices hold more power than that of corporate money by supporting efforts to overturn or reverse Citizens United v. FEC, such as Rep. Jayapal’s We the People Amendment – an amendment to the Constitution that would end corporate personhood and reverse Citizens United.
  • Advocate for ways to publicly-finance elections, such as a federal Democracy Dollars Program similar to those that have seen success on the city level. Democracy Dollars allow all voters to financially support the candidates of choice and have led to more diverse representation and increased participation in elections.
  • Ban foreign corporate money in U.S. elections.

Voting Rights

  • Make Election Day a federally recognized national holiday.
  • Support bills that protect our fundamental right to vote and ban partisan gerrymandering, such as the For the People Act and John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.
  • Eliminate the filibuster to pass transformative bills such as guaranteed housing, universal healthcare, and Green New Deal.
  • Push to implement ranked-choice voting, which has been used successfully in other countries over our current “all or nothing” system. 
  • Push Congress to endorse the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would effectively replace the electoral college with a national popular vote.

Journalism for the Information Age

  • Create transparency and oversight of social media platforms’ advertising, algorithms, and privacy practices by supporting bills like the Platform Accountability and Transparency Act
  • Protect First Amendment rights and promote local journalism so that the press can be an effective watchdog and inform the electorate. 
  • Establish a pilot program for federally-subsidized local online journalism to fill the gap created by the decrease in local news outlets. 

Holding Elected Officials Accountable

  • Introduce an accountability bill requiring elected officials to co-govern with constituents in their district through monthly town halls where they provide a summary of upcoming votes for feedback and discussion, giving the people a direct channel to their representation. 
  • Enhance Federal Election Committee enforcement.
  • Prohibit representatives serving in public offices from holding stocks and enforce existing restrictions on lawmakers trading stocks.
  • Shut the “revolving door” by prohibiting lawmakers, senior-level government appointees, and high-ranking military officers from registering as lobbyists for foreign agents after they leave the government.

What This Will Do For Us

A citizen-powered democracy will allow the voices of the people to be properly represented in the Capitol and ensure that politicians answer to their constituents instead of large donors. When landmark legislation to usher our country into a sustainable and prosperous future is blocked by politicians who protect their personal investments, we must demand a government that works for us. When a presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes doesn’t win an election, it’s a clear signal our system needs fixing. 

Help us create a citizen-powered democracy and join the movement.


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