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I know what it is to work multiple jobs, scraping together income, worrying what will happen if just one thing falls apart.

I know what it is to live in another’s home and wish for something so simple as a room of my own. To fear a health emergency because I can’t afford an ambulance. To hope for no surprises tomorrow, but have no love for today.

I know what it is to fear change and want more, but do nothing because the change I need could lead to me losing everything.  

I know what it is to rely on others for income, housing, debt, forgiveness, permission to live, and wondering if I’ll ever have control of my own life. Maybe you know those feelings too. 

None of us should feel like the floor can be ripped out from under us.

All of us should be able to pursue our dreams and truly live the one life we’ve been given. 

All of us deserve a floor to stand on.
Today, we recognize that every challenge is interconnected, every consequence intersectional. We cannot rely on minor bills with minimal impact. If we’re going to change everything for the better, we need to introduce new ideas that change everything. Instead of a hundred little fixes, we need big, bold solutions that impact and intersect with everything we want to improve. 

Everyone deserves the right to live, to have housing, to have healthcare, to have a sustainable job, to have money to pay for food and basic expenses, to legally work, to apply for U.S. permanent residency/citizenship and to be fairly treated despite skin color, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and religion. And this is what we can create for us to have, in our country and our great city of Los Angeles, but we can’t if we continue re-electing the same corporate incumbents. These corporate incumbents continue supporting the same patriarchal systems of oppression by only making incremental fixes here and there with their performative progressive politics, instead of leading and ushering in big, radical changes that help empower and bring life to our people. 

Over the past 5 or 6 years, here in Los Angeles/CA34, the number of residents living unhoused have increased from 26,000 people to at least over 42,000 people; the number of residents facing food insecurity has increased; rate of unemployed college graduates has increased from 5.8% to 20.4%; the number of children in LA County’s foster care has increased. And the list goes on. All under the leadership of corporately funded elected officials and politicians here in Los Angeles. 

We have a chance at ending this now, with CA34.
Last November 2020, our 100% people-powered grassroots campaign won 47.1 of the total votes cast in the General Election for CA34’s congressional seat, thereby winning 96,554 votes and only losing to the corporate incumbent by 12,000~ votes. Thanks to our historic movement and campaign, the incumbent has now started to shift more to the “progressive wing” by supporting a federal eviction moratorium and a child tax credit, but nothing more. This is not the type of representation that the people of CA34 need in desperate times like the now, where the conditions here, LA and the U.S. have only worsened over the past decade under their watch.

Our district is one of the poorest congressional districts in the country, and it’s time that we deserve, demand and fight for more. 

As an immigration attorney and a juvenile dependency attorney for parents, David has defended hundreds of parents and undocumented families in immigration court, and children’s welfare court, and has represented the most vulnerable parents and families of Los Angeles County. These experiences have shown him that these parents and families’ conditions and those of many in our own communities, directly reflect the government’s failure to prioritize and ensure that everyone has the right to live: to housing, to healthcare, to a sustainable job, to money and to resources. No one should be left out as not one soul is less than another. We have so much more to go, be it respecting and valuing minorities, saving our environment and neighborhoods from climate change and its harsh effects, holding law enforcement accountable, rebudgeting our money and where we spend it as a country, ending poverty and more. 

We live in one of the world’s wealthiest nations. If it’s possible anywhere to prioritize human values in a real and meaningful way, it’s here. This can be the America we’re told about, where equal access and opportunity stretches past the limits of our dreams. Where life is valued, and not only do we say all life is equal, but we take action that demonstrates it. Where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is truly reflected as a right. 

Our country has been an example for the world before. Let’s do it again.

Let’s build a floor to stand on. Let’s put our communities first. Let’s put us first, together. 


Community First
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